MOSSA's group exercise solutions ensure your team is delivering the highest quality experiences with the broadest appeal to strengthen your position, your influence, and your impact in the community.

CEO … more members, more influence.
The MOSSA system allows your team to develop and execute a strategic plan for group fitness and member engagement. With professionally developed programs and Y-branded marketing resources, your team will promote and deliver a member experience that gets more people moving at your Y.

VP of Healthy Living ... more social, more people moving.
Servicing your members in groups fosters a social, well-connected environment where members are motivated to visit more often, stay longer, and bring friends. Our system will make group fitness one of your most valuable assets, servicing 50% or more of your adult member visits.

Group Exercise Director … more commitment, more impact.
While MOSSA spends hundreds of hours each quarter in program development, you can focus on building and developing a great team to deliver the highest quality member experience. Our systems help you grow and build a more loyal, more committed team.

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MOSSA will provide Y's with:

Y-branded programs refreshed quarterly

Training for Y instructors and membership staff

Online portal for distributing licensed content

Y-Branded marketing materials

Beginner group exercise program
  (in development)

Seamless certification process

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For the Health Seeker

Programs Designed for Broad Appeal
MOSSA provides ten group exercise programs all carefully designed and thoroughly tested to ensure your instructor team is delivering an enjoyable, effective, and engaging social exercise experience. Each program is designed to appeal to a variety of fitness levels from beginner to advanced, and all programming is demonstrated with options allowing participants to increase or decrease intensity and complexity. In addition, programs have 5-minute, 15-minute, and 30-minute Program Intro formats to guide beginners and health seekers into their first workout experience.

Marketing the Y Experience

A Brand Strategy Focused on You
The Y is one of the most recognized brands and should be at the forefront of all messaging and marketing. Our Y-branded marketing resources include promotion and membership materials for print, social media, and digital marketing, all designed to help you attract more members, channel people into a great experience, and get more people talking about their experience at the Y.

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Helping You Build A WOW! Y Team

Tools to Recruit, Train, and Develop Instructors
Each MOSSA program has its own 3-day, 2-day or 1-day training designed to motivate, encourage, challenge, and energize your instructors to deliver the best experience to your members. The MOSSA Training System helps you improve your current instructors and recruit new people (including current staff members) to the team, all with the goal of building an exclusive, diverse team that appeals to the most participants possible. Your MOSSA Coach will help with recruitment “best practices” and develop a personalized, step-by-step Game Plan after training to prepare your team for success!


New Resources, New Campaigns, and Best Practices
Our Sales & Marketing Webcasts introduce new advertising campaigns and highlight the marketing resources for your team – all designed to help your team improve your marketing reach, drive guest traffic, strengthen member retention, and sell memberships. In addition, the Program & Training Webcasts provide information on the current programs, program brand updates, new programs, and the best practices to improve your team and increase member participation. Visit the Webcasts Library

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