Summary: Are you putting the power of music to work for your group fitness programs? Are your members stuck on treadmills listening to their headphones and tuning out from the rest of your facility? Or are you channeling them into a completely sound-designed experience where they can connect with other members through group fitness? Music is one of the most powerful ways to get more people moving at your fitness facility. Scientific research proves that music enhances the exercise experience. With the right song choices and sound design, music can make a good workout great. Professionally developed playlists have the potential to increase group fitness participation, which drives membership sales and extends member retention. Learn how the MUSIC MOVES YOU Campaign can make your health and fitness facility more successful!

Topics in the White Paper:
• Why music matters
• What is "Exercise Music"?
• HOW TO: Audio Engineering
• The MOSSA Music Guarantee
• MUSIC MOVES YOU Campaign Resources

Read Time: 8 minutes

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