MOSSA White Papers

Reaching the 80%


Scheduling for Success

Fitspiration Campaign

Your "Unique Selling Point"


A Revolution of Movement Health

Move More / Move Better Campaign

Social Video Marketing

Let's Move - Statement Campaign

Powerful Advertising

Logo Campaign

The Fountain of Youth

Grow Younger Campaign

Magic of Exercise Music

#FeelTheBeats Campaign

Future of Fitness

LETS MOVE! Campaign

Creating a Culture of Group

It's A Group Thing Campaign

Selling Healthy Habits

Brand Campaign

Psychological Value

Body & Mind Campaign

Biggest Mover Contest

2016: A Winning Retention Strategy

Millennial Marketing

#letsmove Campaign

Selling Lifestyle Benefits

SO YOU CAN Campaign

Creating Buzz


The Biggest Mover Contest

2015: Your Winning Retention Strategy

Connect to Compete

Let's Move - Better Together Campaign

Emotive Marketing

Gives Me Campaign

#Hashtag Marketing

#WHYiMOVE Campaign

The Sales & Marketing System provides resources for your team to improve marketing effectiveness, to achieve 50% group fitness participation, to drive guest traffic, and to sell more memberships. Our white paper library will help you to learn best practices, educate your staff, and gain a better understanding of the marketing resources available in each quarterly campaign.