The Management System ensures that your team is maximizing the Program & Training and Sales & Marketing Systems to achieve 50% group fitness participation and sell new memberships.

Owner ... build a better business.
The MOSSA Management System consists of professional coaching, software, education, planning, and performance resources. This system has been designed and is dedicated to help you service more, keep more, and sell more members.

General Manager ... sell and service more members.
The MOSSA Management System is the “how to” and the “checks and balances” for your team to ensure group fitness is your most valuable asset, driving sales and servicing members like never before.

Group Fitness Director ... get more people moving!
The Management System will assist you in managing your team, programs, classes, and schedules at the most professional level. Your value will escalate as the rooms are packed, more people are moving, and group fitness is integral to your facility’s success.

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Expert Management Coaching

A full-time Management Consultant
You will have a dedicated, full-time, MOSSA Coach to ensure that our systems are working for you – Program & Training to help build a great team and increase participation and retention, and Sales & Marketing to increase guest traffic, referrals, and new membership sales. Our Coaches work closely with our customers to provide tools and resources to assist in room design, steps to scheduling, recruitment strategies, marketing game plans, team assessments, social media timelines, continuing education opportunities, and sales and referral resources.

GroupX Web App

Measure and Manage Group Fitness
The MOSSA GroupX Web App provides a simple, quick, and effective way to manage group fitness. Measure performance, prepare payroll, schedule classes, and link those schedules to your website and Facebook page … all just in a few clicks! Real-time data and analysis reports will enable you to assess the value of group fitness and make the best decisions to grow group participation while managing costs. To learn more about our GroupX Web App click here.

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Management eSource

Professional Online Resources
MOSSA Management eSource is a key component of the Program & Training, Sales & Marketing, and Management Systems. It’s your online library of marketing and management resources and tools that will enable you to reach 50% group fitness participation, sell more, and keep more members. Your MOSSA Coach will support you using the resources to achieve your goals!