The GroupX Web App gives a simple, quick, and effective way to manage group fitness and grow participation to 50% of your total visits.

Owner ... build a better business.
The GroupX Web App is the solution for growing participation while managing costs. Track and measure performance with reports to provide you and your team an instant snapshot of how group fitness is performing and its impact on your business!

General Manager ... know your numbers.
Inspect what you expect. For too long, it’s been hard to manage group fitness effectively and accurately. With the GroupX Web App you can track and manage key performance indicators for group fitness – total participation, cost per head, average attendance, and more.

Group Fitness Director ... make great decisions.
You can have 15 to 50 instructors delivering anywhere from 30 to 100 classes each week! This requires tremendous effort to coordinate people, classes, programs, and schedules. Then there’s the difficult job of collecting class numbers, analyzing that data, and assessing performance and profitability – that can all be very time-consuming. GroupX Web App is your solution.

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A SMART Report for Smart Decisions

Group Fitness Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)
Simply record class numbers and GroupX Web App does the rest. Get quick reports that measure KPI’s like total attendance, average attendance, cost, cost per head, target percentages for all programs combined, individual programs, each class, each timeslot, and for each instructor. GroupX Web App analyzes the data with the industry’s only SMART Report – a timetable that tells you exactly how classes are performing. The SMART Report lights up each class like a traffic light in green, yellow, or red based on KPI’s.

Real-Time Schedules On Your Website

Publish Your Schedule to Your Website and Facebook Page
Your members and prospects need information that is accurate, timely, and professionally delivered. GroupX Web App creates schedules for your group room, small group training area, gym, and even your pool. The schedule can be posted on any website page and Facebook page, and members can search to find exactly what they are looking for! Update your schedule in the Web App and it will automatically update online. View sample schedule.

GroupX Payroll

Payroll Made Easy

Calculate Payroll in Three Clicks
The GroupX Web App Payroll Report saves you hours of wasted time calculating which instructors taught which classes, for how long, and at what pay rate. Counting classes in a 3-ring binder or deciphering through sticky note reminders of who subbed whose classes are a thing of the past. GroupX Web App tracks the instructor who taught, whether or not the instructor had a substitute, and individual instructor pay rate.