More range of motion!
Relieves the tightness and soreness!
Essential component of my lifestyle!
Helps me move better!


MOVE30 is like a full-body massage!
I move better, I feel better, I function better!
Foundation for the basic movements of life!
Exercises really opened up my hip flexors!


Opened my eyes to Movement Health!
Ankle mobility is a new concept and I LOVE IT!
I could feel my core working!
The Play section was fun and challenging!

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MOVE30 is a 30-minute movement health program designed to improve participants’ fundamental movement patterns.

For our partners ... Solution for largest demographic.
MOVE30 enables you to reach a new market of people who need to practice movement but are not ready for intense exercise. It fills the gap between “chair programs” that keep people sitting, and most other exercise that may be too challenging. MOVE30 also builds participants’ “movement confidence” and makes them better prepared for other group fitness programs.

For participants … Feel better and move better.
MOVE30 is for anybody looking to improve their overall movement health, to move better, with ease and less restriction and discomfort. This could be someone looking to build their movement confidence and start an exercise program, or even an individual who is already active but needs to spend time reconditioning their body to help prevent pain or injury. More info

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