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Group Ride JUL18

Power and strength were a huge hit!
Good Vibrations in our legs for Ride!
Chase is a Ride revolution!
Slow, heavy Climb was a crowd favorite!

Group Ride APR18

Endurance focus was awesomely tough!
Killer playlist!
Seated Climb ramps were intense!
We conquered pyramid training!

Group Ride JAN18

Everyone brought their A-game!
Power + Strength = Results
Rolling over six hills smoked the quads!
Never been so determined to nail a Climb!

Group Ride JUL17

Love the load – turn it up!
RIDE ON with Twenty one Pilots!
Five climbs were FIRE!
Finish line singing Good Lovin’!

Group Ride APR17

Awesome music. Intense programming.
Heart was pumping like crazy during Chase!
Truly epic Climb!
Sprint to the finish brought it home!

Group Ride JAN17

Felt like leg day in the weight room!
The sweat, the burn, the intensity!
You really can’t ask for more!
All those Seated Climbs were a hit!

Group Ride OCT16

Trained like never before!
Those Intervals are A-MAZ-ING!
50-second climb was a shocker!
Our legs were BAKED in Cherry Pie!

Group Ride JUL16

BAM! This workout is a giant butt-kicker!
Chase had me singing Hallelujah!
Power training is NO JOKE!
Killer programming. Killer results.

Group Ride APR16

Nonstop from beginning to end!!
Inspired a class full of fist bumps!

Group Ride JAN16

Race before climb is Iconic.
Loved climbing those Hollywood hills.
I became a Warrior.
Better bring your BEAST MODE!!!

Group Ride OCT15

Intensity and athleticism are incredible.
Hardstyle…is my CHURCH.
4 minutes + 1 Ramp = butt kicker!

Group Ride JUL15

60-second race ending Chase was the BOMB!
Epic Climb track!
Back to basics is a trick. Ha! Great workout!!
SPRINT! Full of energy and motivation!

Group Ride APR15

Love, love, love the power theme!
Ramp of the Intervals is Ramp-donkulous!
The workout was the talk of the CLUB!

Group Ride JAN15

Please don’t change a thing.
Nailed it!
The duration objective was a killer success.

Group Ride OCT14

Motivated to ride harder and sweat more!
Great challenge from longer end sections.
Loved the flat Terrain track.
Never disappointed! A winner…no doubt.

JUL14 Group Ride trailer img

Group Ride JUL14

Push beyond my limits!
In Group Ride we all finish first.
Reduces my stress.
RIDE gives me my drive!

JAN14 Group Ride trailer img

Group Ride JAN14

A Champion of a Ride!
On a scale of 1-10, this is an 11!
Best diversity of music.
Nailed it!

APR14 Group Ride trailer img

Group Ride APR14

LOVE that every song ends seated.
A total winner!
Really challenging.
Light 'em up!!

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