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Group Power JUL18

Core focus was a crowd favorite!
Movement Strong is my new personal mantra!
Felt those Reverse Curls in our Biceps!
Ain’t no party like a Shoulders party!

Group Power APR18

Outside-the-box strength training!
Awesome cardio effect!
Our biceps got ripped like a Chainsaw!
Reciprocal shoulder press burns you out!

Group Power JAN18

This was strength training for the heart!
Lateral Push Ups were a winner!
Holy Biceps, Batman!
Shoulders song was OFF THE CHAIN!

Group Power OCT17

Explosive training was seriously intense!
Plyo Squats set our legs on FIRE!
Eccentric Catch Push Ups FTW!
Arnold Press is baaaaaaack!

Group Power JUL17

Jam-packed with innovative training!
Firefly Push-Ups a challenging surprise!
360-degree shoulder training!
16 HEAVY Bicep Curls!!!

Group Power APR17

Super Sixteen Sequel didn't disappoint!
Muscular endurance is the real winner!
Can’t go wrong with JT in the Warm-Up!
H.O.L.Y. Back & Legs!

Group Power JAN17

Headed to the Group Power Hall of Fame!
Athletic, aggressive, fast-paced training!
Weight Factor was BAD TO THE BONE!
Power Upright Row stole the show!

Group Power OCT16

Always on the cutting edge!
Bring lots of water, you’re gonna need it!
Shoulders let the BEAST out!
Plyo Push Ups were a Dirty Little Secret!

Group Power JUL16

Loved supersetting at every ending!
Glutes were hitting it!
The Firefly made my triceps BURN!
Calorie-burning cardio burst in More Legs!

Group Power APR16

Challenging Training meets Big Fun!
Interesting new ‘slant’ on the workout!
12 Power Cleans in a row, burn baby burn!

Group Power JAN16

Exciting with motivating music.
Loved the Sizzlin’ 16!
Wide grip Lat Rows…ouch!
Watch out for those Twisted Ts.

Group Power OCT15

Power with a twist!
Loved the Curtsy Lunge.
Circular Push Ups. WOW!
Functional, inspiring, out of this world!

Group Power JUL15

WOW!! Pike Push Ups to end the Chest track!
Great traditional and modern exercises!
Awesome cardio training.
Taking biceps to a whole new level!

Group Power JAN15

Phenomenal workout!
Great mix of familiar and new exercises.
Simple, effective training.
Fantastic – 10!

Group Power OCT14

Loved the all increase release.
Strength training like being in the weight room.
Awesome cardio training.
This release brought the heat!

JUL14 Group Power trailer img

Group Power JUL14

Gives me strength to conquer anything!
Helped me lose 60lbs and keep it off.
Group Power makes me STRONG ...
and Strong is BEAUTIFUL!

APR14 Group Power trailer img

Group Power APR14

Loved the dynamic feel of the plate work!
Training really kept the heart rate up!
Hello core!! Offset loading was a huge hit!
Power Clean!!!

JAN14 Group Power trailer img

Group Power JAN14

Loved the new moves and cardio effect.
Lunges in the Legs track - AWESOME!
Jack legs in a push up!

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