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Group Groove JUL18

Fun, sassy, playful, and definitely intense!
The hottest dance party imaginable!
This workout was love at FirstDANCE!
Shake Ya Rump in LowDANCE!

Group Groove APR18

Sweatiest dance party in town!
Loved the Latin and urban feel!
Bring Em Out brought the house down!
Loved the Latin and urban feel!

Group Groove JAN18

Get ready to break out in a full-body sweat!
Tons of sneaky core work!
Bring Em Out brought the house down!
Sizzling hot Latin moves in Chantaje!

Group Groove OCT17

Absolute FIRE from beginning to end!
Do Your Thing, make your body sing!
Super Sweaty Dance Party like 1999!

Group Groove JUL17

Everyone was ‘werked’ and ‘wow’d’!
Tootsie Roll took me back to the 90s!
Love wiggling my hips in the Latin tracks!
We made it rain in Groove today!

Group Groove APR17

Old school moves and current hotness!
Good Lovin = Good Groovin
Love the Latin beat of PartyDANCE!
Everyone out of the room Purse First!

Group Groove JAN17

Playlist is a groovy trip around the world!
BIG mix of tunes, styles, flavors, and feels!
Finale meets CARNIVALE!
Final peak has you dancing in the streets!

Group Groove OCT16

Off-the-charts mix of genres and styles!
CardioDANCE 2…Jamaican me CRAZY!
Boot Camp on the Dance Floor!
Gimme seconds of that Dessert!

Group Groove JUL16

Sweatiest Groove workout ever!
Ear-to-ear smiles, clapping after every song!
Danced like Janet in Rhythm Nation!
Call 9-1-1, this Finale was on FIRE!

Group Groove APR16

Dancing with another Groover is 2x as fun!
Groove is too fun to call a workout!
Living the Wild Life and loving our legs!

Group Groove JAN16

Off the charts!
It’s going down for real!
LowDANCE 1 burns!
Repeat after me…I can do that!

Group Groove OCT15

Booty song, BIG smiles.
Get funky in Uptown Funk!
Love it, love it, LOVE IT!

Group Groove JUL15

Three funs up …FUN, FUN, FUN!!!
Anaconda created smiles and laughs.
Black Widow, baby! We love the drama.

Group Groove APR15

Awesome variety of musical genres.
Definitely had fun with Talk Dirty!
Lots of giggles while we Wiggle.
Great cardio workout. LOADS of fun!!!

Group Groove JAN15

Great, sweaty, fun, effective workout.
Through the roof for sure!
Nice balance of familiar and new moves.
I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard!

Group Groove OCT14

Awesome variety of music!
Makes me WANT to MOVE!
Great new moves mixed with old school!

JUL14 Group Groove trailer img

Group Groove JUL14

Releases my Inner Dance Diva!!!
Lets me dance with my friends.
Sweat never looked so good on me!
An amazing variety of dance style!

APR14 Group Groove trailer img

Group Groove APR14

WOW! That's all I have to say.
Loved it all. Everything about it.
Great core training effect.
Let out our inner ROCKSTAR!

JAN14 Group Groove trailer img

Group Groove JAN14

Fun-filled, sexy, sassy, and cool!
Enjoyed the upper body work.
Great, eclectic, feels like a dance party!
Sweaty and sexy by the end.

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