Group Groove OCT20

Sweet and Spicy Soca!
Dance Party Up in LowDANCE 1!

Group Groove JUL20

Fire In My Soul ignites in Finale!
PartyDANCE 1 brings the fun!
Bollywood’s BACK!
Beat drops lower than ever in LowDANCE 2!

Group Groove APR20

Rock Step…just fun, fun, fun!
Low Dance 1 - Great leg work!
LowDANCE 2, a riot for our legs!
Group Groove brings the Bounce Back!

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Group Groove  is a dance-inspired fitness workout that draws on a variety of dance styles including club, urban, and Latin.

For our partners ... Reach a new type of member.
Group Groove will enable you to bring in a whole new membership base by tapping into something “hot” - dance! Shows such as So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With The Stars have pushed many dance styles into the mainstream. Tapping into this trend, Group Groove includes many dance styles rather than just one or two to have the widest appeal possible.

For participants ... Sweat, burn calories, and have fun!
Group Groove is great for those that might think exercise is a bit too serious and prefer to smile, scream, and sweat their way to getting fitter and healthier. If you always tap your foot or wiggle your hips when you hear music, or if you want your hour of exercise to fly by, well then, Groove is for you! More info

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