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Group Fight JUL18

Think outside the box.
This workout is an upper-body killer!
Awesome jump kick combo in first MMA!
Super Box will smoke your shoulders!

Group Fight APR18

Everyone was drenched in sweat!
Heart-pounding combos!
Watch out for three opponents at one time!
New Vertical Jump spiked the heart rate!

Group Fight JAN18

Authentic martial arts style!
Elbows, elbows, and more elbows!
Flying Jump Knee was RIDICULOUS!
Power Cross in final Muay Thai, a TKO!

Group Fight OCT17

Cardio effect is off the charts!
Killer sweat sesh!
Heart-racing MMA combos!
Split-Room Super Box is a winner!

Group Fight JUL17

Fierce ‘flow’ from start to finish!
This one’s a cardio burner!
Eighty. Down. Punches.
Better bring your Sledgehammer!!!

Group Fight APR17

Outstanding, fun, energetic, WOW!!!
Diagonal Ascending Elbow = awesome!
18-strike combo was FIRE!
Battle Ropes and Ladder training!

Group Fight JAN17

Non-stop energy from start to finish!
Left each workout drenched in sweat!
Brutally awesome fight combos!
Super Box got the shoulders HOT!

Group Fight OCT16

Rapid fire release with lots of grit!
Sandbag-slammin, knee-pulling good time!
Carioca agility footwork – nailed it!
Back Kick/Jump Kick combo = Ninja Mode!

Group Fight JUL16

Monster workout with grit and attitude!
Wicked Kicks combinations!
Speed punches gave us shoulders to die for!
Final cardio peak was a Sweat Fest!

Group Fight APR16

Sweat like an athlete, look like a fighter!
Can’t get enough of the spinning back kick!
Med ball throw right out of the gates!
Loved the reverse sprawl!!!

Group Fight JAN16

Superman Punch is a crowd pleaser.
Plyos + Sprawls = Sweaty Smiles.
Speed bag aka ripped, defined shoulders!
Adrenaline rush from start to finish.

Group Fight OCT15

Rhythm Punches are always a favorite.
Finally, Kung Fu Fighting!!!
Conditioning…fast feet…OH, my legs!
We give it an 11!

Group Fight JUL15

Ropes, sledgehammers, and more.
Super Box … Amazing!
Tire Jumps are no joke!
Sweat, smile, success!

Group Fight APR15

Over 1300 punches…wait, what?!?
Two words…blazing shoulders!
So…many…punches. It was awesome!

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