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Group Core JUL18

Great glute focus!
Fired up the entire back of the body!
Thunder and lightning for the hips!
Crushed the abs in Core Peak!

Group Core APR18

Core training on a whole new level!
Acceleration/Deceleration a huge hit.
Rolling Side Plank an all-time favorite!
Explosive power training!

Group Core JAN18

Obliques were still screaming the next day!
CoreMAX is a glute smasher!
Dynamic Plank had us dripping in sweat!
Russian Twists were HARD CORE!

Group Core OCT17

Maximum intensity, focus, great music!
Awesome kick-through plank combo!
Wood Chop move really fired up the glutes!
Core Peak was a true game-changer!

Group Core JUL17

Dynamic functional training at its best!
Straight-Leg Hops burned calories too!
Got crazy with those sit-to-stand moves!
Plank Jumps max out the heart rate!

Group Core APR17

Reverse Ramp position was great training!
Wood Chop Plate Swing is a heart pumper!
The ‘Finisher’ in CoreMAX is sneaky!
CoreMOBILITY was a total ab-smasher!

Group Core JAN17

Exactly the workout we all want!
Big sweat early on, ab burn to home!
Modified Pistol Squat, an all-time favorite!
Jump Plate Thrusts, huge metabolic push!

Group Core OCT16

So fresh and streamlined!
Holy quads in CoreSTABILITY!
SorryNotSorry about CoreINTEGRATION.
Lat Pulls set my upper back on F-I-R-E!

Group Core JUL16

FEEL the results in your sore glutes!
Nasty glute training!
Turkish Get Up made me feel like an athlete.
Wood Chop got my heart rate to new heights!

Group Core APR16

Progression/regression was a big hit!
Love the music!
Step placement offered a whole new feeling.
Hold onto your glutes, here it comes!

Group Core JAN16

A slam dunk!
Holy hamstrings!
The 360 Matrix move returns. Love it!
Warning: your glutes may explode.

Group Core OCT15

Lots of surprises.
Took my core to the MAX!
CoreSTABILITY made us feel like great.
Created a buzz around the club!

Group Core JUL15

360 degrees of hard-core training.
CoreMAX circuit training …AWESOME!
What core training should feel like.

Group Core APR15

Edgy, explosive, and powerful.
Reverse hover…enough said!
Grit your teeth and get strong.
Loved the super setting in CoreMAX!

Group Core JAN15

Lots of surprises.
Took my core to the MAX!
CoreSTABILITY made us feel like great.
Created a buzz around the club!

Group Core OCT14

Great release! Felt the burn!!
Very flowing throughout.
Athletic…hits hard and fast!
Great strength training release.

JUL14 Group Core trailer img

Group Core JUL14

That was awesome!
Loved the glute focus!
A breath of fresh air.

APR14 Group Core trailer img

Group Core APR14

Love the athletic progressions.
Love the third level in CoreMAX!
Felt it days later!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this release!

JAN14 Group Core trailer img

Group Core JAN14

Awesome 30-minute training session.
Goal theme is what training is all about!
Music was rocking!!!
Burpees got more challenging.

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