Group Core OCT19

Metabolic core training!
CoreMAX was a Metabolic Masterpiece!
Powerful movements!
Reverse Curls CRUSHED the ABS!

Group Core JUL19

Challenging in all the right ways!
CoreMax is an absolute ab killer!
Inverted Push-Ups in CoreSTABILITY!
Amazing Energy!

Group Core APR19

Challenging in all the right ways!
9 sets of work in CoreMAX!
Down to Business in CoreSTABILITY!
CoreMAX was a metabolic killer!

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Group Core  is a 30-minute athletic and functional core strength workout.

For our partners ... Training craze to the masses.
Group Core’s sports training approach will pull new people to group fitness such as males and younger participants. It’s great for those seeking a quick, athletic, and intense workout that can be customized for all fitness levels. Group Core will also help feed members into small group training because of its training design.

For participants ... Train like an athlete.
Group Core strengthens everything from your shoulders to your hips to make you stronger, quicker, and faster in all you do. In addition, strengthening your core can reduce back pain and give you great looking abs! It’s quick, challenging and like nothing else. More info

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