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Group Centergy JUL18

Amazing workout, phenomenal soundtrack!
Every single movement steeped with intention!
T-Swift had my legs shaking by the end!
A gift for the hips and spine!

Group Centergy APR18

Effortlessly beautiful from beginning to end!
Emphasis on transitional strength!
Challenge was seriously yoga-tough!
Fluid. Powerful. Magnificent. Strong.

Group Centergy JAN18

Perfect balance of sweet and salty!
Core BACK is a sneak attack!
Table Top Spiraling Twist!
Everyone finished Folds a little taller!

Group Centergy OCT17

Hip mobility from beginning to end!
Loved the Spiraling Lunges!
These Warrior Squats are no joke!
Fluid beauty in the flow of Balance!

Group Centergy JUL17

Fluid focus three-dimensional training
Awesome, intricate, and connected.
Challenge is a sneak attack on the legs!
Elton John + Spirals = Magical.

Group Centergy APR17

3D movement steps outside the box!
Sun Warrior flow was athletic and graceful.
The Sound Of Silence in Folds.
A big Clap Snap for Core FRONT!

Group Centergy JAN17

A fluid journey for the entire body!
Low lunge was a friend and an enemy!
Loved lift & twist to Spiraling Back bend!
Beautiful ending to Centergy!

Group Centergy OCT16

Great integration of hip work & core work!
Challenge movements were animalistic!
Revolved Lunge adds a new dimension!
Folds were utterly Healing.

Group Centergy JUL16

Subtle, silent, and serene!
Core BACK, a kick in the gluteus maximus!
Salutations put a spell on us!
Spirals and Folds were luxurious!

Group Centergy APR16

Every song is music in motion!
End of salutations took my breath away!
The standing forward folds felt fantastic!
Deeply emotive and strong.

Group Centergy JAN16

Arm circles set this release apart.
Challenge gave me goose bumps.
Feeling Extended Bird Dog for the first time.
Feels like ZENtergy.

Group Centergy OCT15

Child’s Pose is a welcome surprise.
Took us from Pilates 100 to Pilates 120!
Very happy hips…incredible.
Left feeling noticeably less stressed!

Group Centergy JUL15

Unique focus on asymmetrical loading.
Holy glutes on CoreBACK!
The stress just melts away.
Amazing heat the release creates!

Group Centergy APR15

Superman in core BACK is excellent.
Lizard is a WOW for the hips!
Loved the physical and mental release.
This just feels right.

Group Centergy JAN15

Simple yet challenging. Fabulous!!
Athletic Lunge is awesome!
Really love the constant challenge.
Love the new stuff…endless creativity!

Group Centergy OCT14

Simple postures with a new ‘twist’.
Very flowing throughout.
Athletic…hits hard and fast!
Great strength training release.

JUL14 Group Centergy trailer img

Group Centergy JUL14

Gives me physical and mental strength.
Group Centergy keeps my body moving!
Balance and strength!
Guys + yoga = possible ... and strong!

APR14 Group Centergy trailer img

Group Centergy APR14

It was LOVE at first class!
Athletic, strong, graceful, and moving.
Loved the movement threads throughout.

JAN14 Group Centergy trailer img

Group Centergy JAN14

Love the music so much!
Awesome balance of challenge and simplicity.
Great full-body workout.
Loved having time to focus on the basics.

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