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Group Blast JUL18

All the sweat and smiles!
Challenged the legs in every direction!
Figure 8 is back with a vengeance!
Bottom-Up training was a major hit!

Group Blast APR18

Big runs, high jumps, and fast footwork.
Felt like a workout party!
Diagonal Burpees say WHAT!?
Conditioning from head to toe!

Group Blast JAN18

Acceleration theme, a heart-pounding hit!
Transverse Squats brought sizzle in Strength!
Plyo Burpees flying high in Cardio Blast!
Surprise ending in Agility stole the show!

Group Blast OCT17

Everyone loved the reaction training theme!
Isometric squats set the legs on fire!
Cardio Surge where we needed it!
Runs, jumps, shuffles, hit our cardio peak!

Group Blast JUL17

Bring sunblock, JUL17 is gonna BURN!
Fantastic, SWEAT-LADEN workout!
Line drills – holy moly!
BEST CIRCUIT EVER in Cardio Blast!

Group Blast APR17

Multidirectional movement was a hit!!!
Legs smokin’ during Crossover Lunges!
Random Runs made Agility non-stop fun!
Decoy Burpees took our breath away!

Group Blast JAN17

Loved the feel of this workout!
Ultimate athletic training from start to finish!
Crossover lunges had my legs like WHOA!
Six-exercise circuit in Cardio Blast!

Group Blast OCT16

Fresh & innovative, loved the glute focus!
KILLER Plyo Calf Squat Jumps!
Skaters in Cardio Surge will Light em up!
Singing HALLELUJAH by the end of Agility!

Group Blast JUL16

Loved working in the transverse plane!
Cardio Blast was over the top!
Balance training never hurt so good!
Traveled a mile across my STEP!

Group Blast APR16

Out-of-breath, two-sweat-towel workout!
Love the acceleration theme!
Cardio Blast is about as fun as it gets!!
Crossover lunge = HELLO GLUTES!!!

Group Blast JAN16

Burning legs and rocking heart rate.
Got FUNKY with Uptown Funk!
Enter Sandman lays down the law on your legs.
Great workout that delivers.

Group Blast OCT15

Like boot camp, only better!
Stutters and shuttles and shuffles, oh my!
Cardio Blast is wickedly delicious.
Over-the-top, sweat-inducing workout!

Group Blast JUL15

Bang Bang there goes your heart!
Jump Squats, Jump Knees, Crouches, Lunges!
Wide Squats … game on, lower body!!!
The music makes you push the boundaries!

Group Blast APR15

Loved the sporty, athletic workout.
Loved the ‘extra credit’ sections.
One-legged deadlifts – need I say more?
Loved it…two thumbs up!

Group Blast JAN15

Reaction training ROCKS!
Heisman move was a hit!!!
Super-licious workout.
Full-on, sweat-soaked killer.

Group Blast OCT14

Motivating, inviting, and FUN!
Feels so much like sports training.
Balance of leg and cardio training was perfect.
Spectacular! Pure awesomeness!

JUL14 Group Blast trailer img

Group Blast JUL14

Beats being on my treadmill anyday!
I feel like an athlete in training.
Challenges my fitness.
The sky is the limit!

JAN14 Group Blast trailer img

Group Blast JAN14

Combination of simplicity and athleticism.
Fantastic playlist helps produce RESULTS!

APR14 Group Blast trailer img

Group Blast APR14

Love the intense, athletic feel. Leggy!
The shuffle runs are awesome.
Felt stronger and more satisfied every time!
Just brilliant!

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