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Group Active JUL18

New core training theme was a huge hit!
Whole-body training is every-body training!
Innovative challenges, familiar favorites!
Best. Cardio. Intervals. EVER.

Group Active APR18

Terrific Transverse Training!
Dumbbell Clean, an awesome challenge!
Zottman Curls were a real winner!
Plank rotation was a Core knockout!

Group Active JAN18

So many options for everyone!
Scissors gave new meaning to Cardio Peak!
Plate Circle in Arms was a ginormous hit!
Balance really supposed to be this fun?!

Group Active OCT17

Athletic but friendly for new people!
Rotation training in just the right places!
Reaction whistles were so much fun!
Push Ups are a love/hate training fave!

Group Active JUL17

Our hips will thank us for this workout
Power Cleans in Active? WOW!
Tricep Dips at end of Arms were killer!
Fun ways to challenge your balance!

Group Active APR17

Comprehensive – no muscle gets a pass.
Energy of the playlist is phenomenal!
Shoulder combo was a shocker!
Drop Real Low during Balance!

Group Active JAN17

Training for LIFE!!
Innovative and effective!
Walking Plank is work in its natural habitat!
Clap Snap was magical Balance music!

Group Active OCT16

Grand Slam Homerun! Phenomenal!
Reaction split squats turned my legs to Jello.
HAPPY balance training – smiles & cheering!
Superset Arms training HURTS SO GOOD!

Group Active JUL16

A symphony of sweat!
Heart-pounding cardio and screaming abs.
Balance training at its funnest!
Big energy in cardio basics!

Group Active APR16

Training for everyday life!
All the way up to standing, Brilliant!
Spontaneous applause at the end!
Definitely made you sweat!

Group Active JAN16

Loved the two-for-one training theme.
Goblet Squat. WOW!
Chest…no, brain training.
What an AWESOME musical journey!

Group Active OCT15

Cardio Intervals was a WOW!
Applause at the end of Balance.
The Reaction Squat is awesome!
A home run!

Group Active JUL15

AWESOME music! Filled with energy.
Random Plate Push in Balance is so fun!
Great grunts during Overhead Presses.
Training at its finest and fun-est.

Group Active APR15

Fun for the first-timer.
Straddle Walk is a great new challenge.
Pure joy and a great workout.
There is no place we’d rather be right now.

Group Active JAN15

Love the simplicity.
Effective and fun.
Great options for intensity variations.
We love it!!!

Group Active OCT14

Tons of smiles.
Great music! Very athletic!
Love the reaction training feel.
All I can say is WOW!!!

JUL14 Group Active trailer img

Group Active JUL14

I MOVE with Group Active!
It's the essence of my life.
WOW, that hour went by fast!
Helps me keep up with my nieces.

JAN14 Group Active trailer img

Group Active JAN14

Challenging but successful on the first go.
Great music! Very motivating.
Loved how leggy it felt.
I just love this class.

APR14 Group Active trailer img

Group Active APR14

Fun for the first-timer.
Straddle Walk is a great new challenge.
Pure joy and a great workout.
There is no place we’d rather be right now.

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