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JUL17 Group Active trailer img

Group Active JUL17

Our hips will thank us for this workout
Power Cleans in Active? WOW!
Tricep Dips at end of Arms were killer!
Fun ways to challenge your balance!

APR17 Group Active trailer img

Group Active APR17

Comprehensive – no muscle gets a pass.
Energy of the playlist is phenomenal!
Shoulder combo was a shocker!
Drop Real Low during Balance!

JAN17 Group Active trailer img

Group Active JAN17

Training for LIFE!!
Innovative and effective!
Walking Plank is work in its natural habitat!
Clap Snap was magical Balance music!

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Group Active  is a simple and athletic program drawing from all four elements of fitness: cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility.

For our partners ... Get new people moving.
Group Active will enable you to attract the largest population - the deconditioned. From young to old, it will give you a solution to getting people started and keeping them coming back for more. Because of the programming and equipment, Active is a great launching pad into Group Power, Group Blast, and Group Centergy.

For participants ... Great place to start.
Group Active is perfect if you are new to exercise or have not exercised in a long time. Also ideal for the super busy and fit who need to get it all - cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility. More info

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